Review: Game Set Match by Jennifer Iacopelli

Featured imageI liked this a lot more then I thought I would and what a perfect time for me to read with just the French Open starting on Sunday.  The players of Outer Banks Tennis Academy are gearing up to play Roland Garros.  There is Penny Harrison, rising star on the WTA, who has just beat the number one player in the world.  Indy Gaffney, a natural talent who is getting back in the game after the death of her mother and Jasmine Randazzano, the daughter of two Grand Slam tennis.  They all of their sights set on tennis greatness and boys.  Despite being billed as a romance it’s pretty heavy on the tennis.  It actually has more tennis action then Monica Seles’ series, The Academy which is kinda surprising.

Penny is ranked 25 in the world and has just won a tournament in Madrid over the world’s best player. She comes back to OBX to prepare for the French Open to find that her coach has hired a new hiting partner, bad boy Brit tennis player Alex Russell.  Alex the first Brit to win Wimbledon and the youngest to win the career grand slam (basically, everything the British tabloids would ever want) but he blew out his knee in a motorcycle accident in Australia.  He also happens to be the guy that Penny had a one night stand with during the Australian Open.  Determined not to let him distract her like he did during the last Grand Slam and keep on focus.  Indy has already dreamed of playing tennis but after her Mom died she took time off.  After watching Penny beat win Madrid, she decided it was time to get back on the court and moves to OBX to train.  She immediately is drawn to Penny’s older brother, Jack who is gorgeous and is her agent.  Jasmine is the daughter of not one but two tennis champions and she is every bit determined to prove she is one two.  Things get complicated when she gets drunk and kisses her best friend and crush, Teddy, Penny’s twin brother.

Despite the love distractions, the girls are all determined to win.  They work hard on the court.  They aren’t sitting at home crying that so and so doesn’t like them, well there is some of that but it’s short and they can always find solace on the tennis court. They girls relationship with each other start off rocky but after awhile they all start to realize that they don’t have to hate each other to win.  That they may be rivals on the court, they don’t have to be off the court.  I do love books with female friendships.  Penny and Indy hit it off right away but Indy and Jasmine have a little tiff but in the end they all start to see there is more to each other and you know what they might actually like each other.  They support each other in their careers and relationships.  I like reading that.  The tennis in the story is actually pretty good.  You can tell the author is either a fan or did her research because the match scenes seem real and she got the timing of the tournaments right.  The one thing that might be a little far-fetch is the fact that Indy and Jasmine get into the women doubles draw despite the fact they are both junior players and Indy has no ranking points at all to her name.  It could only be a wild card but it’s never said.  A minor quibble.

It was an enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to the next one but I’m going to wait until before Wimbledon as the girls take on the All England Club.

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