Review: Rogue by Julie Kagawa

Featured imageEmber is the kind of character that is likeably annoying.  On the one hand she’s brave, loyal and fierce.  Her wide-eyed curiosity is charming.  On the other hand, she’s stubborn and doesn’t know how to listen to directions which usually leads to something bad happening.  Whether it directly leads to it or is just enough to distract her friends that make them make stupid mistakes, It always leads to trouble. Despite her faults I’m still rooting for her.  After the cut contains spoilers for Rogue and the first book Talon. So if you haven’t read Talon and planning on it, best not to read further.

At the end of Talon, Ember has fled with Riley after being saved by Garret.  For Garret’s part, he has been sentenced to death by the Order of St. George for treason.  Rogue begins as Ember and Riley plan to break him out.   No way to get around but they succeed and now the three of them plus hacker, Wes, are on the run from both the Order and Talon. Garret and Riley have an uneasy truce throughout the book. They don’t like each other for many reasons.  It’s hard to get over years of distrust and prejudice about each other.  Both have been in the war long enough to know what the other has done but they mostly don’t like each other because of Ember.  Or how Ember feels for the other.  Classic set up.  They head to Vegas in attempt to find out who has been leaking information about Riley’s safe house network and they find themselves in danger they should have seen coming.

Rogue adds Dante, Ember’s twin brother’s point of view to Ember’s, Riley’s and Garret’s.  It’s a welcome edition because it adds new dimension because we get to know a little more of Dante.  We didn’t get too much from him in the last book beyond him lecturing Ember to stay in line.  It’s pretty scary how powerful both Talon and the Order is and how they are able to move within society with no one’s notice.  Also the cult aspect of it too.  You either believe in it totally or you are out.  I’m not all that convinced that Dante is really in it because he believes in what Talon believes but I think he is definitely is ambitious.  He knows that Talon can bring him a lot of power and all he has to do is play the game, impress and he will get what he wants and like I said, I’m not sure his plans are in line with Talon’s.  This should be interesting how it unfolds.

The love triangle is sort of interesting. I don’t really envy Ember because it’s a hard decision for her.  I’m leaning more towards Garret.  I sort of like the fact he is just much a fish out of water as Ember is when it comes to being normal.  I sort of like them stumbling together but then there’s Riley.  A rogue with a heart.  He saw that Talon was corrupt and has done something about it.  He’ll stop at nothing to save his hatchlings and Ember.  He also makes a good argument.  Garret is human.  He will age faster and die while Ember will live for centuries.  What will Ember do then?  What is her future?  It’s like the Sookie Stackhouse/Bill Compton/Eric Nordstom situation.  Sookie may not have been thinking about her future when she was with them but eventually she would.  She would grow old and then wouldn’t and she would never have kids with either one if she wanted.  Ember will have the same decision to make when it comes to Garret except it will be the other way around.

There was a lot of action, lot of romantic interludes and even more eye rolling moments but it was a satisfying read and I’m looking forward to see where it goes.  Definitely a series to check out for all the fantasy/dragons fans out there.

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