Good News! Well good news for me.  Lair of Dreams, book two of the Diviner’s series by Libba Bray is actually going to happen!  Last November, I wrote about how the publishing date kept getting pushed back but Miss Bray confirmed on her blog that, Lair of Dreams has indeed been finished and will indeed be released this year!  WOOHOO! I’ll forgive that the release date is even later then the last time I checked. Now the date is August 25 instead of July but hey what’s another month when I’ve already waited 3 years?

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Bask in it’s Glory!!

So why am I so excited about this book?  Well, the first book, The Diviner’s was amazing! Evie O’Neill has been shipped off to New York City to live with her uncle in the middle of the Swinging Twenties.  It’s supposed to be a punishment but how could living in the greatest city in the world among the speakeasies, jazz clubs and Ziegfeld follies be anything but a reward.  Evie gets caught up in a strange murder, when police consult with her uncle who is an expert in the occult.  Soon she is using her strange power to help solve the murder and meeting other exceptional young people with powers of their own.  It kinda has a little X-men type vibe.  Like any moment, they are going to ban together and use their powers to fight evil!

The setting is great.  All the optimism of the twenties.  The characters are all likable and real.  Miss Bray doesn’t shy away from the race and social divide of the characters and make it part of the story.  There is so much going on but it doesn’t feel cluttered.  It also has so much to build on that I really can’t wait to see where Miss Bray takes it.  So finally! Finally!  I’ll get to find out!  In the meant time people, Go read The Diviners before the Lair of Dreams comes out.


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