Quick Review: The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens

Featured imageSo this is a cute book.  Perfect for kids who have just finished Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket and are looking for something new.  It has many of the same kid fantasy novels. Three siblings who are move from orphange to orphange until they land in Cambridge Falls. There they travel back and forth in time thanks to a mysterious book. Soon they meet an evil Countess, a badly dress Wizard, a Giant and Dwarves.  Kate is the older sister, who carries more responsibility then one at 14 should. Michael is a dwarf obsessed nerd of a brother and Emma is a tough as nails baby sister, who doesn’t take anyone’s crap.  They of course find out that they are more then what they seem because that’s how these types of books go and end up going on wild adventure that will either save the world or end it because isn’t that how all adventures work?  It’s fun and cute and at times quite humorous but also pretty predictable.  I good start to a series that I think will be pretty entertaining but the next book will have to wait as I have a few books on my nook and iPad that demand attention.

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