Update: Mime Order

The Mime Order

So, I have finished The Mime Order. And, everything, everything, everything in this post is going to be full of spoilers for both The Mime Order and the first book in the series The Bone Season.

If you have read the books, please join us for discussion and wild speculation in the comments! Some of my thoughts about the book after the cut.

I had a few questions at the end of Bone Season, so I’m going to start there. First: The Bone Grubber David, the Oracle that shows Paige the memorial from the previous uprising and is a cause for concern at the end of the first book. He doesn’t drink the sleepy time wine but he also doesn’t stop the rebellion. One of the last things he says to Paige is, “Do you really think everyone in the Archon is happy being slaves?” He leaves us with the tantalizing mystery: Are there people aware of the Rephaim and are unhappy with the arrangement? Where are they in power and how do they personally feel about the voyants?

And, did David get out alive?

My second question: Is what happened to the traitor and the little child from the previous uprising? The man running the junk shop says he buried all the bodies and that there were two that weren’t among the dead: The traitor and the child. Did the traitor and the child make it out alive? Where are they now?


I worry for the state of Julian’s soul. The fact that this possibly puts me in a group of people (soul-state worriers) that includes Edward Cullen worries me a little, too.

Unfortunately, none of these questions were answered! The internal structure of the Archon is still mysterious (although, the last scene with Frank Weaver would suggest that there are humans that are perfectly happy to be lap dogs to Nashira and the Sargas.) Although, I feel like we’re given a hint that there are people on the inside ready for the uprising because someone slipped Lotte that blade so she could slip her bonds and announce the rise of the Black Moth. Someone got her that blade and someone got her that information. Oh, and there’s that one time when Jax is hungover and Paige walks in to his room to ask him something and he thinks she’s Nadine…and then someone else. Why is Jaxon so mysterious?!?!  And, we don’t know about the child or the traitor, but we are tempted with the tantalizing notion that the traitor is the elusive Rag and Bone Man who has been selling Voyants to the Rephaim. But, even if that is true, if the Rag and Bone Man is the traitor who is selling voyants into slavery and slowly putting his people in high places then why is Nashira not all smug about the power she already holds in the syndicate? Shouldn’t this mean that she’s infiltrated the enemy she created? Am I missing something? I’m probably missing something.

Also, now we’ve lost Michael. Sweet, Broken Michael. But, I love Nell and Joes and Felix. I even love Ivy. And, I was so sure the Cutmouth was going to become a huge ally of Paige and help her create her syndicate army. I was sad when Cutmouth died. I do hope that the voyants of Jacob’s Island will rise and help Paige.

And, I seriously don’t know how to feel about Jaxon’s relationship (former? future? new? old?) with Nashira. Ugh, Jaxon. I love him. I hate him. I’m excited about him being a new villain. Nashirs was looking for the White Binder in Bone Season and I had assumed it was because she wanted him for her creepy-ass collection. But, now I’m not so sure. Maybe he is the traitor and the Rag and Bone man the child? Yeep.

And, finally, I love Nick and Zeke. It breaks my heart that the breaking of the Seals might mean the end of their romance.

I’m so excited about this series and the next installments. You get better believe I’ll be re-reading these at least right before the next one comes out.

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