I used to work in a Bookstore. I don’t anymore

I’ve talked about my job as a bookseller.  Well, I don’t work for that bookstore anymore.  For the last three years, I had a second job at a museum as well.  New York City is an expensive city to live in, especially if you don’t make a livable wage.  A couple of weeks ago, I got a new job at the museum that made it possible for me to have one job.  So what does this all mean.  Well, I’m no longer going to be surrounded by books all the time.  Also, means, I’m going to have to buy more books and use my library card more too.  I already miss that employee discount and check out program.  Oh well.  That’s life.  I’ll definitely miss working there and all the great people I worked with.

A little history for you.  Kate was the first one to work for the bookstore.  She started working there her senior year in high school.  When she started college, they were opening a branch in her college’s town so she transferred and worked there during her college years.  Our Mom would often visit her at work and one day the manager asked if she wanted a job.  At the time, I was planning on going on a class trip to Europe so Mom decided she would work a couple of hours, so she could give me some more spending money for Europe.  Little did she know, she would eventually be promoted and start working there full time.  After I graduated high school and I also got a job there.  So there was a time that Mom, Kate and I all worked at the same store at the same time.  People joked it was the Family bookstore.  Over the last 17 years, Kate has come and gone and is now only works during the Holidays.  I transferred to a store here in New York but Mom has stayed at the same store.  You could say she has come full circle because she is back to only part time.

It’s weird not working there because it has been a huge part of my adult life but also my family’s life too.  I guess it still is since Mom still works there and Kate does occasionally too but I’m happy with my new job. I’ve been wanting something different for a while now and the two job thing was killing me.  So thank you to all my coworkers over the years.  Many are my friends and will remain so.  And Books will always be apart of my life, even if it is no longer my vocation.

1 thought on “I used to work in a Bookstore. I don’t anymore

  1. I definitely know the feeling of working the two jobs and the frustration of wishing one of those jobs would be enough to live on. I’m happy for you that you finally got the promotion at the memorial. I think the weird feeling you describe will be around for a while but will fade in time. I’m sure all your friends from the BN family will still remain a part of your life in some way or another. I enjoyed working with you while I was at Park Slope and I know many other booksellers enjoyed working with you as well so the friendships will always be there.

    I started at BN back around 2003 as a bookseller at the Astor Place location, which was subsequently closed a long time ago. That’s where I met Laurie as she was a Lead Bookseller there when I started. I think Laurie got promoted to DM first and then I became the Lead Bookseller there in charge of New Releases (a position which you know has been fazed out). I made some good friends there including Ed and Laurie. It was a great experience but the pay was very prohibitive considering the high rents in NYC combined with my student loans which I had no choice but to start paying. I worked part time as Unit Clerk in a hospital to help myself get by in those days. I also lived with roommates for a time too but that became its own nightmare after some time.

    I was lucky enough to get my job at Fordham around 2005,and I met my wife in 2006. I went back to work part time at Citigroup for about a year to help save money for the engagement ring. Then we got married in 2008, and about a few months after we got married we had a baby on the way and my wife was laid off from her job. I tried to go back to Citigroup first, but they were in a hiring freeze so that’s when I contacted Laurie and she helped me get into Park Slope. My years at Park Slope were very rough because of the long commute, but I came to enjoy working there particularly because of the people I was working with. Everyone made me feel welcomed and even when I was tired and stressed out working two jobs, I knew that just working with that group of people would give me the fortitude to get through another day no matter how tired I felt.

    The comaraderie in that store was very strong, and it definitely helped to know that there were people there to look forward to talking to and laughing with as the work was getting done. You were always someone I looked forward to working with because you’re kind, smart, and very considerate of others. I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to work with you, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

    “Onwards and upwards,” as they say. Congratulations and good luck with that new position at the museum. I hope you will be happy there.


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