Review: The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

Featured imageOn Tuesday, the second book in the Bone Season series, The Mime Order comes out.  If you have read the other posts you know that Kate and I loved the first book, The Bone Season and a certain character, Warden.  So we both were anxiously waiting the sequel.  I already had a chance to read The Mime Order.  There are a few perks of being a bookseller. Having the opportunity to read books before they are officially released is just one of them.  The problem with reading books before the release is that when I’m done, I can’t talk about them because no one else had read them.  I know, I know.  I’m probably not getting much sympathy out there so I’ll stop complaining.  I am very happy that it will finally get to be released so Kate and our cousin Sarah, who suggested The Bone Season to us can finally read about it so we can discuss it. Finally!

So without giving too much away, The Mime Order is a worthy sequel.  It opens up, exactly where The Bone Season ends.  Paige and the other voyants have escaped Schoel 1.  .  Knowing what she now knows on who really runs Scion, she can’t just go back to living her life like nothing happened, can she?  That’s exactly what Jaxon wants her to do.  Soon after she comes back there is a big shake up in the Syndicate and Paige sees this as an opportunity to push for change against Rephaim.

Admittedly, it starts off slow.  I feel like as a reader you just have to expect that from a sequel.  Paige’s indecision on what to do next and how to motivate the Syndicate against the Rephaim sort of bogs down the pacing but once she formulates a plan and yes Warden finally returns, the book really starts to pick up.  A lot and I mean a lot happens in this book and the ending that made me scream for it not to end there! I can not wait for the next book.

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