Good News!!!

It’s been a long time coming but Kate and I finally seem to have got our sh*t together.  I mean it has taken us two years to really get this blog going. We’ve have taken the next step of making this blog awesome! Well, at least easier to find.  Now, you can find us at! No more will you have add Our name is long enough as it is.

We also have a group going on at Goodreads and also a new Facebook page! We hope to have contests and giveaways and maybe do our podcast (We actually started recording the first episode, 2 years ago when we started this blog).  The possibilities are endless!  So please, click, join and like us. Spread the word to all your friends.  Come with us our journey to read more and more books!

2 thoughts on “Good News!!!

  1. Sounds like there will be a lot to look forward to. Have you ever considered reaching out to some lesser known YA authors for either print interviews or podcast interviews if you get your podcast up and running? I’m sure some of them would be open to promoting their with with you.


  2. Maybe. That is probably something for down the road. I’m pretty open to anything but it really depends on our time that we get to things. It’s all about baby steps.


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